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“To work hard every day, to test casinos fairly, transparently and competently, and to be the best and most informative Canadian portal on the subject of online casinos.”


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Noah MartinNoah Martin: Noah has been in the online casino business for a long time, initially working at Caesars – a US gambling company, before switching to journalism and working as an editor. Later he started his own business and applied his knowledge in creating different website and now he is the owner and editor-in-chief of CrushingCasinos.com in Canada.

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Mason SmithMason Smith: Mason has already traveled a lot around the world despite his young age of just 31 and is currently on the road with non-dom status. Sometimes he works from an island and later from a hut on a mountain. But no matter where he is, his knowledge and passion for online casinos never ebb. Focusing on BlackJack and Roulette, he is the table games expert and editor.
Ethan NolanEthan Nolan: Ethan is the new face on the CrushingCasinos team and only joined in 2020. Until then, he was actively streaming video games and slots on Twitch. After understanding the business and spending an internship at a gaming company, he went freelance and started working as an online editor for various sites. As Casino Crusher, he is now a permanent fixture here.

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